Table of Contents

A hard copy of this Affirmative Action Program is available at the Karrmann Library reserve desk or in the Affirmative Action Office, 2304 Ullsvik Hall.

  1. Equal Employment Policy Statement
  2. Internal and External Dissemination of the Policy
    1. Internal Policy Dissemination
    2. External Policy Dissemination
  3. Responsibility for Implementing and Monitoring the Affirmative Action Plan
  4. Identification of Problem Areas
    1. Workforce Analysis
    2. Job Groups
    3. Job Group Analysis
    4. Availability Analysis
    5. Data Sources
    6. Underutilization
  5. Goals and Objectives
  6. Internal Audit and Reporting System
    1. Procedures for Monitoring Salary Equity
    2. Review of Promotion Patterns
    3. Evaluation of Administrators
    4. Results of Exit Interviews
  7. Action Oriented Programs
    1. Procedures for Addressing Discrimination Complaints
    2. Training and Professional Development
    3. Internal Programs to Provide a Warmer Campus Climate
    4. University Committees with Gender/Diversity Issue Concerns
  8. Community Outreach Programs
  9. Consideration of Minorities and Women not in the Work Force
OSER Supplement (AA Plan, Classified Employees)



  1. Workforce Analysis by Department
    (on file in the AA Office)
  2. Job Group Analysis by Job Group
    (on file in the AA Office)
    A list of all the job titles in each job group
  3. Three Factor Availability Analysis
    Promotable and Transferable Percentages within Facility by Job Group
    (on file in the AA Office)
  4. Recruiting Areas
    Census Areas
    Faculty and Lecturer Availability
    Doctoral Degrees Granted by Race and Gender 2002-2006
    (on file in the AA Office)
  5. Utilization Analysis
    Incumbency v. Estimated Availability Summary
    Incumbency v. Estimated Availability Detail
    Incumbency v. Estimated Availability
    Annual Placement Goals
    Goals for Underutilized Groups
    Progress Towards Last Year's Goals Table
    Impact Ratio Analysis Table (see summary for last ten years)
    (on file in the AA Office)
  6. Discrimination and Harassment Policy Statement
    Student Bill of Rights & Responsibilities
  7. Reasonable Accommodations Policy
  8. Consensual Relationship Statement
  9. ADA Report on Unclassified Staff Employment
    ADA Self Study
    Improvements since 1993 Self Study
    (on file in the AA Office)