IX. Consideration of Minorities and Women not in the Work Force

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville acknowledges that there may be minorities, women and persons with disabilities who possess the requisite skills for employment with the University, but who are not currently in the designated work force. The University is committed to using affirmative action measures to recruit those persons.

UW Platteville is aware of and makes good faith effort to use the Office of State Employment Relations’ special provision that requires each state agency to hire a specific number of W-2 recipients. It is also policy to request classified civil service expanded certification whenever underutilization of target group members is demonstrated.

Senior administrators maintain communication with appropriate deans, department heads and search and screen committees to clarify the intent of the affirmative action policy and program.

  1. Providing position announcements and general information about obtaining part time and full time jobs with UW Platteville to community and regional organizations with access to the target group.
  2. Increased advertisement in media with a readership representative of the population.