EEO/AA Plan for Classified Staff
2006 UW-Platteville Program Certification Documents
October 1, 2006 to June 30, 2009

The complete Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan for Classified Staff is available in the Affirmative Action Office, Brigham 230.

Attachment B
Hiring Review Memo

September 29, 2004

Division of Affirmative Action Office of State Employment Relations 101 E. Wilson Street, 4th Floor Madison, WI 53707-7855

Subject: Hiring Review Process

The Affirmative Action Officer (AAO) maintains the University of Wisconsin-Platteville hiring review process for all classifications that are underutilized. The University receives expanded certification for racial/ethnic minorities and women if the classification to be filled is in a job group that is underutilized for the racial/ethnic minorities and women. All requests for authorization to use a related register, or to extend or reactivate a register, require the review and signature of the AAO on the certification request. The AAO or designee shall make a recommendation with in two working days or the proposed personnel action will be taken.

All agency staff members involved in the hiring process are informed in writing when there is an affirmative action goal for racial/ethnic minorities, women, or both. For positions with affirmative action goals, the AAO reviews the proposed interview questions and the related benchmarks for evaluating the candidates. Prior to the start of the selection interviews, the AAO discusses the AA/EEO objective in the hiring decision with the selection interview panel.

Anytime there is an affirmative action goal and an AA group (women and racial/ethnic minorities) candidate(s) is certified or eligible (reinstatement, transfer, layoff, restoration, etc.) for consideration for an appointment but not recommended for hire an informal discussion will be held prior to any offer of appointment between the AAO and the highest level hiring official (e.g., division administrator and department head) who is responsible for the recommendation(s) not to hire. They will review the explanations or circumstances regarding the recommendation not to hire and strive to reach a consensus on the decision. If the AAO does not agree with the recommendation made by the hiring official, they shall jointly consult with the Chancellor or designee regarding the appropriateness of the recommendation not to hire and the final decision will be reached. If an agreement to make the affirmative hire is not reached at this stage, prior to any offer of appointment, the appointing authority or designee responsible for the hiring decision shall draft and submit a written justification that explains the non-selection to the AAO. The AAO will review the written justification and acknowledge his/her agreement or disagreement in writing.

Kathleen Kelley
Human Resources Director
Affirmative Action Officer