What are the Benefits for Students? Why Get Involved?

[The following is reprinted from “Stepping Forward as Stewards of Place – A Guide for Leading Public Engagement at State Colleges and Universities.” American Association of State Colleges and Universities, 2002 (pg 12). ]

Embracing Public Engagement as a Core Value will Yield Benefits to all Concerned.

For students, working on community and regional issues:

  • Provides a substantial linkage between theory and practice that might otherwise be presented in a traditional setting;
  • Helps keep the curriculum current and responsive;
  • Brings critical thinking/problem solving alive, thus making the classroom experience interesting;
  • Allows for effective and lasting integration of skills such as leadership that will contribute to the “competitive advantage” in the workplace and beyond;
  • Brings ethical issues into the classroom;
  • Offers a foundation for meaningful discussion about the responsibilities of citizens along with the nature and dynamics of a successful community;
  • Supports service learning initiatives; and
  • Prepares students for a lifetime of informed and participatory citizenship.

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