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Additional fitness opportunities for students, PAC members and non-members:

fitness classes

Did you know that you can take fitness classes at the Pioneer Activity Center?  These are not PE classes, not for credit, not for a grade.  These classes are simply to help you get in shape.  We have a wide variety of classes that are available to everyone and cater to all fitness levels.

This fall, we have a new goal at the Pioneer Activity Center:  To help more of you enjoy a wider variety of the fitness classes we offer.  In order to reach this goal, we have plans to implement a new system regarding our fitness class registration. 

With the new system, we will offer a punch-card, worth 16 classes.  The card-holder will have the capability to attend any class offered, at any time, on any day.  Each time a class is attended, a PAC student-worker will punch a hole in the card.  When the card is completed, simply return to the athletic office and purchase a new one.

The Details:

  • Cost:  $30 for 16 classes ($1.87 per class, versus $1.78 per class with the previous system.  We realize this is a slight cost increase, but we’re hoping the variety and versatility is totally worth an additional $0.09 per class.)
  • When you enter the PAC, swipe your student ID card as usual
  • There will be a small basket on the shelf inside the fitness studio – place your card in the basket when you enter class
  • An employee will punch the cards before the end of class
  • Collect your punch-card after the workout
  • Attend any classes, as many as you like, whenever you choose
  • Cards will expire at the end of the semester
  • If you do not have a card, you will not be admitted to class
  • If you are discovered taking classes without a card or using a card that is not yours, you will be suspended from the facility for two weeks

Class Offerings

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