Community Service

 Zeta Beta Chi Sorority has been actively involved with the local  charity “Family Advocates,” since its inception in 1994. Annually,  the sisters organize both a Christmas and Easter event for the  children of the “Family Advocates” Program. Zeta Beta Chi has  also been very active with Heartland Health Care Senior Center,  participating in events such as, organizing weekly BINGO games  for residents. Zeta Beta Chi also has adopted at highway new Potosi, WI that we is cleaned three times a year. They also help Platteville residents in need as well.

In the past we have done caroling during the holidays, and hosted a  Valentine's Day dance. The sorority had taken care of an elderly lady once  a week. During that time, we visit, go grocery shopping for her, and fix things around her house. Zeta Beta Chi had taken part in the  annual “Relay for Life” and also volunteered their time at the  Dubuque Humane Society. Int he past, many  of our sisters have donated their hair to the “Locks of Love”  drive held bi-annually in Platteville.


 Zeta Beta Chi Sorority in conjunction with Tau Kappa Epsilon  Fraternity organizes a teeter-totter-a-thon every spring to raise  money for a needy family in Platteville. Zeta Beat Chi also annually organizes a homeless-a-thon for Habitat for Humanity. The sorority has frequent  brat sales and bake sales on campus. The proceeds from these sales have gone to, “The American  Cancer Society”, Battens Disease, Breast Cancer Research, and  “Family Advocates.”

 Campus Involvement

 Zeta Beta Chi participates in Greeks Advocating Mature  Management of Alcohol, Women’s Greek Council, United Greek  Council, Greek Week, and Homecoming.

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