Code of Conduct



  1. Positively represent the University of Wisconsin Platteville.
  2. Follow established dress code.
  3. Maintain an appropriate attitude towards bowling club members.
  4. Have good sportsmanship on the lanes and with other teams.
  5. Be responsible for all of your actions.
  6. Follow all rules and regulations of the university, individual tournaments, WCBC, and USBC Collegiate.
  7. Have a minimum of 2.0 GPA.
  8. Have open communication to all members.
  9. Inform an Executive Board Member of any concerns or problems.
  10. Notify captain of wanting to be pulled at a tournament.
  11. Encourage fellow teammates.
  12. Be aware of the club constitution.

You must sign and date this Code of Conduct to travel as a

part of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Bowling Club.

Print Name:__________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________

ID #: _______________________________________

Date: _______________________________________

Advisor Signature: ____________________________

Date: _______________________________________

Violations of this code of conduct will be dealt according to the
UWP Bowling Club Constitution.