"Never give up, annihilate the enemy!" Kevin Gresmer, 2008

"I'm the president and I said shut up!"  -Mitch Artz, 2008

"This might be the last time you drop a pass before Georgia, but probably not."  -Bill Everhart, 2009

"You know why I like bars? Because they're loud and people can't hear you fart."  -Stan Wahl, 2009

"She caught it, and THEN she jumped."  -Jon Messner, 2009

"Can we go white so I can wear my "Save water drink beer" shirt?."  -Erik Peterson, 2009

"Look at that seagull, it doesn't know what its like to be drunk."  -Stan Wahl, 2009

"PRESSURE COOKER!"  -Peter Rodgers, 2009