2004 Physics Phunshop Pictures

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Why your bicycle stays up while moving

Will she flinch?

Are girls stronger than boys?

The flame tube

A beautiful wave

Bed of nails

That looked painful

Airplane workshop

Slicing pizza

Decisions, decisions

Erin hands out soda

6th grader?

Flaming $5 bill

The same thing happens to the napkin

Getting ready to test the airplanes

Some marvelous "machines"

There they go

Physics in action

Look how far they go

Amanda and Jon enjoy lunch

Getting the liquid nitrogen ready

Why does it boil?

A big electromagnet

Frozen rose

Careful, it's cold

Shattered racquetball pieces

Hold out your hand..

Wireless power

Van de Graaff generator

The power of static electricity


It's aliiiive!

The new 'do

Dan helps with motors

How an electric motor works