Physics is Phantastic Show
The Physics is Phantastic Show is a traveling Physics show presented to elementary and middle school students. The show aims to encourage interest in Physics through interactive demonstrations and discussion.

The Show is presented free of charge. We would love to visit your school, EMail for more information!

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Physics is Phar Out Page (1999-2000)
Hazel Green (SW WI Elementary School) 9-25-2000
Angular Momentum
. . . and around . . .
. . . and around . . .
. . . still spinning
Static Electricity
Electrons jump to tube and energize gas
All around, a hair raising experience!
Darlington Elementary School 10-10-2000

Sageville Elementary School 10-19-2000
An Awesome Audience!
Foiled by induction again . . .
Angular Momentum
The rings
Underwater Induction
Run, run, fast as you can, you can't catch me, I'm the electron man!
Winskill Elementary School, Lancaster 11-9-2000
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A moment to reflect on the inquisitive crowd...
Angular Momentum . . .
. . . right after lunch.
Magnetic induction through my hand
The classic frozen rose
What is the source of that mischevious expression?
The egg of the rare Green Ostrich
Physics is Phantastic Phunshop, UW-Platteville 11-11-2000
Boiling at -320F
More Liquid Nitrogen
Expansion and Compression of Gasses
Magnetic Induction Glue
Static Electricity Energizing a Fluorescent Tube (and Lucas)
Future Physicists
A little too humid today...
DC motor workshop
More motors
Phizza Phor Lunch
Standing waves in a gas filled tube
The flaming oscilloscope at a lower frequency
Elastic collisions
A not so elastic collision on the bed of nails
Pan Flute Workshop
Tesla Coil Demo
West View Elementary School, Platteville 12-7-2000
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Anti-social Electrons
West View 1st Graders
So attentive!
Physics is . . .
. . . Dizzy
Static Electricity
More Charged Hair
Slinky Waves & Sound Waves
Lucas P, Colin K, and Liquid N.
West View 4th Graders
Observing Conservation of Angular Momentum
Momentum's tougher than you think!
Cuba City Middle School 12-12-2000

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