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Kariatethes, a literary society, was founded in 1957. It was officially recognized in 1959 by the Wisconsin State University at Platteville. It became Kappa Alpha Sigma in 1965. Since 1965, Kappa Alpha Sigma has worked on strengthening the bonds of sisterhood through their seven virtues: Love, Hope, Charity, Honesty, Loyalty, Obedience and Self-Help.

The flower is the pink tea rose.

The jewel is the ruby.

The Kappa Alpha Sigma brother fraternity was Lambda Sigma Pi.

The motto is "Loyalty Always, Sisterhood Forever."




The K's actively participate in Homecoming, Greek Week, Women's Greek Council, United Greek Coucil, Greeks

Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) and help with on-campus functions.

The Quintessential "K"

In our search to find what makes up the ideal "K" we found

that she should be honest and loyal to herself as well as the entire

organization. She needs to be open-minded and understand that respect is earned

and shouldn't just be expected. She shows pride in her sorority

by demonstrating knowledge of the history and the objectives behind it.

By knowing herself she will be able to uphold all of the virtues that go along with being a "K".

This includes love, hope, charity, honesty, loyalty, obedience, self-help and sisterhood forever.

Above all, her first responsibility is to respect and appreciate her membership in the Kappa Alpha Sigma sorority.

Written by the Beta Xi Pledge Class, Spring 1996