Eta Kappa Nu

Electrical Engineering Honor Society • Kappa Theta Chapter

The executive board of HKN oversees all activities of the local chapter. These members also volunteer hours of their time to staff the labs to sell parts to EE students. Below are the names, photos, and email addresses of each of the current executive board members.

Sellers are officers of HKN that do not have official executive board seats, yet they provide the necessary volunteer service of helping to staff the labs to sell parts. If you are an EE student that wishes to purchase parts from HKN, just find any seller or executive board member, and we will be happy to help you.


Jeff Theusch
theuschj at uwplatt.edu

Jeff Theusch
Vice President
Jason Garvens
David Johnson
Corresponding Secretary
Mike Corazalla
Recording Secretary
Trent Hirsch
Kevin Fritz
John Lightbody
Kevin Seston

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