Eta Kappa Nu

Electrical Engineering Honor Society • Kappa Theta Chapter

Meetings: None of us is as dumb as all of us.Meetings of Eta Kappa Nu members occur throughout the course of each semester. The president of the chapter may convene the meetings to discuss new issues and concerns, to get members on the same page, to make steady progress toward a design or project goal, or to socialize. Pizza is usually served at these meetings to promote attendance and morale.

The Vice President will announce meeting times and places by email to the HKN members approximately one week before each meeting. Additionally, visitors to this site may view a calendar of upcoming meetings and other HKN-related events.

The following are typical meetings that we have throughout each semester:

Initial Organizational Meeting
Members meet to recap the status of ongoing projects, and set goals for the new semester.
Assembling Parts Kits
Digital kits, and any other parts kits, are assembled. Many hands make light work!
New Initiates Info Session
We invite the new candidates to an informational and status update meeting, so they can learn a little about the organization.
Robot / Project Design or Build meetings
Small groups meet to design, build, or enhance the HKN Robot and other group projects.
Highway Cleanup
Members clean a small stretch of Highway 151 as part of a community service requirement for new initiates.
New candidates are inducted into the honor society.
Exec Board Elections
Near the end of the semester, new Exec Board members are elected to take over for graduating seniors.