Eta Kappa Nu

Electrical Engineering Honor Society • Kappa Theta Chapter

Highway Engineer PranksAdopt-a-highway is one of the ways that UWP HKN contributes back to the community. This community service is a required component of new candidates who wish to be inducted into the Kappa Theta chapter. Although it takes some effort and organization, cleaning the highways has a positive impact on aesthetics, the environment, and student morale!

Before "hitting the road," it is important for those who are new to highway cleanup to review some general procedure and safety rules. It is a matter of tradition to hold a showing of an 80's-era instructional video before each cleanup session.

UWP HKN is registered with the Wisconsin DOT to clean the highway along a 2.9mi stretch of US Highway 151, from County Road O to Airport Road - about a 6-minute drive from campus. We clean the ditches along this section once each semester.

Below is a map of the area that we cover: