The History Club has visited a myriad of places over the semesters. Many of our visits have been to sites that are traditionally visited by historical groups such as Pendarvis, the Ham House, the Mining Museum and the Cunningham Museum. We also have visited sites that are of natural and environmental importance as well as historical, such as Effigy Mounds National Monument, the EB Lyons Nature Center, and the Mines of Spain recreational area. This past spring we visited Taliesin, near Spring Green. This is where Frank Lloyd Wright's historic home and farmstead are located as well as his architectural school..

History is involved with most all facets of life. It goes way beyond the traditional museums and historic sites. It can be enjoyed and seen in such things as plays, musicals, film and so on. We encourage you to make suggestions of places or performances you would like to see the group visit or attend.

Taliesin Farmstead Milkhouse
Taliesin Homestead Statue
Taliesin Romeo and Juliet Windmill
Taliesin Farmstead Barn and Silos
Taliesin Home and Studio Backyard
Chapel Near Wright Family Homestead
View of Taliesin Home and Patio
View of Taliesin Patio and Flower Garden Area
Tour Guide and Visitors
Frontal View of Taliesin Home and Studio
Taliesin Home and Studio
Lake on Taliesin Estate
Military Collection, Cunnigham Museum
Early phonographs and TV, Cunningham Museum
Local textile factory collection, Cunningham Museum
Chapel at EB Lyons Center
Mines of Spain monument
Root cellar at EB Lyons Nature