We LOVE being a part of Gamma Phi Beta!
Whether hanging out, attending meetings, or living together, our bonds seem stronger than family.
We love our sisters. Click to learn more about them.

Our sisters are not strangers to hard work!
Gamma Phi Beta has helped instill a strong work ethic in each of us.
We work hard for each of our philanthropies. Click to learn more about them.

Gamma Phi Beta provides many opportunities to lead.
Our officers and chair positions plan activities and work in groups every day.
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College is more than studying and classes; it includes learning about who you are and what you believe in.
Gamma Phi Beta has helped each of us find these things.
Each day we learn about our scholarship, our chapter and the things that link us together. Click to learn what we are learning.

Gamma Phi Beta has helped us build strong bonds.
We are loyal to our past, our present and to our commitments.
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Want to join the Gamma Omega chapter of Gamma Phi Beta?
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We would love to hear from you!
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