French Club Constitution

University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Article I: Declaration

Section 1.

The name of this organization will be French Club.

Article II: Purpose

Section 1.

French Club will give members a relaxed environment in which to practice speaking French outside of the formal classroom as well as provide the opportunity for members to participate in cultural events.  French Club will also promote the understanding, study and appreciation of the French language and culture.

Article III: Membership

Section 1.

Membership is open to all students, faculty, and staff at UW-Platteville.  A member is defined as anyone who pays dues.

Section 2.

“In accordance with state and federal laws and University of Wisconsin System policy, no student may be denied admission to, participation in or the benefits of, or be discriminated against in any service, program, course or facility of the University of Wisconsin – Platteville because of the student’s race, color, creed, religion, sex, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status or parental status” (UW-Platteville Policies and Procedures Handbook).

Section 3.

French Club will consist of general members, an advisor, and five elected officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Activities Coordinator, and Webmaster.  The Activities Coordinator and Webmaster may also hold another office, provided that no one person solely holds more than two offices at any time.

Article IV: Elections

Section 1.

Elections for officers will be held in the spring for the upcoming academic year during a regular monthly French Club meeting.  Members will be advised of the election during the previous French Club meeting, as well as by e-mail.

Section 2: Nominations.

Members are encouraged to nominate other students or themselves for an officer position prior to the election meeting.  Nominees have the right to decline any nomination.  All nominees must fill out a Candidate Information Form prior to the election.  The forms can be obtained from the French Club advisor. The forms must be returned to the advisor no later than 4pm on the day immediately preceding the election meeting.

Section 3: Procedure.

Officers will be elected by secret sliding ballot.  All dues-paying members will be given one ballot for each position.  Elections will be started by voting for President.  The nominees who do not become President have the option of then sliding down the ballot to run for Vice-President, and so on.  Candidates must have a Candidate Information Form completed and turned in to the advisor for each position he or she wishes to slide down the ballot to.  If a nominee is unable to attend the election meeting, his or her Candidate Information Form shall serve as the decision whether or not to slide down the ballot.  Winner for each position is determined by a plurality of votes.  All active, dues-paying members, including officers but excluding the advisor, may vote.  However, in the event of a tie, the advisor may cast the deciding vote.

Article V: Duties

Section 1: President.

The President shall:

Section 2: Vice-President.

The Vice-President shall:

Section 3: Secretary.

The Secretary shall:

Section 4: Webmaster.

The Webmaster shall:

Section 5: Activities Coordinator.

The Activities Coordinator shall:

Section 6: Advisor.

The Advisor shall:

Article VI: Office Vacancies

Section 1: President.

In the event that the President resigns or can no longer fulfill the obligations of the Presidency, the Vice-President will assume the position of the Presidency for the remainder of that term.

Section 2: Vice-President and Secretary.

In the event that either the Vice-President or Secretary can no longer fulfill his or her duties, that office is opened to the voting members.  The new officer must be approved by a majority vote of all dues-paying members who are present at that meeting.

Section 3:  Webmaster and Activities Coordinator.

In the event that either the Webmaster or the Activities Coordinator can no longer fulfill his or her duties, that office is opened to the voting members.  The new officer must be approved by a majority vote of all dues-paying members who are present at that meeting.  If there is no interest in the position, the duties of that office shall become the collective responsibility of all other Executive Officers.

Article VII: Impeachment

Section 1.

If the voting members of French Club believe that an Executive Officer is not fulfilling his or her duties to the best of his or her abilities, they can move for impeachment.  That officer will be notified and will be allowed to speak at the following meeting.  The executive impeachment is a closed vote and requires that half of the dues-paying members of the club be present at the voting meeting.  A 2/3 majority of those present is required to remove the officer from his or her post.

Article VIII: Meetings

Section 1.

French Club meetings will be held on a monthly basis.  The President and the Advisor have the power to call meetings.  The advisor will inform his or her French classes of upcoming meetings.  E-mail notices will also be sent out by the secretary informing members of upcoming meetings.  Quorum will be ½ of the voting members.

Section 2.

Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary guide of all matters not specifically covered by this constitution.

Article IX: Dues

Section 1.

The amount of dues to be paid by each member will be determined by the Executive Board according to the financial need of the organization.  Dues will be collected by the Advisor and will fund social activities throughout the academic year.  Upon dissolution of French Club, dues will be divided equally and dispersed among the current dues-paying members; any allocated University fees will be returned to the Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee.

Article X: Constitutional Amendments

Section 1.

Any part of the constitution can be changed with a 2/3 vote of all dues-paying members of French Club.  Members must be notified of possible changes to the constitution a minimum of one week prior to voting on the change.  The approved amendments will then be sent to the Student Organization Committee.

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