Example of Product Summary Sheet

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Contestant Name:


Jane Doe

FFA Chapter:


Platteville FFA

Product to be sold:


Carhartt Jackets

Representing Company:


Tack & Western Wear Store

Statement of Situation:

        i.            Who is customer?

      ii.            Why would the customer want the product?

    iii.            Who are the major competitors selling a similar product?


A customer enters a store looking to purchase a durable work coat. The customer wants to use the coat feeding animals and doing other routine ranch chores, plus be dressy enough for wear in town. In the past, the customer has purchased from other competitors, but their coats have had problems with seams ripping, pockets tearing and colors fading.


Features of the Product:


Benefits to Customer

Triple stitched seams

Seam will not rip

Pocket corner rivets

Pockets will not tear

Fade resistant dyes

Colors will not fade










One year warranty on materials and workmanship

Services Available:

Store hours: 8 to 5 Monday through Friday,

9 to 4 Saturdays



Prices range from $65.00 to $119.00 depending on the type of jacket.


Competitors Information

There are numerous competitors, but none have the quality or warranty of Carhartt Jackets.


Examples of competing products and their prices:

Walls coats/jackets:

$55.00 to $120.00

Wrangler coats/jackets:

$40.00 to $115.00