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University contact person:  Rick Bockhop

CDE Coordinator:  Ken Engelke

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Contest Purpose:  To provide a competitive event for high school agriculture students, empahsizing skills in poultry selection and the poultry industry.


  1. To provide high school agriculture students with interests poultry a practical experience that will serve them well in industry positions or in management of a modern poultry flock.
  2. To develop students' skills in observation and analysis.
  3. To develop students' skills in ranking live birds, carcasses, and/or eggs.
  4. To develop students' skills in grading poultry meat and/or eggs.
  5. To develop students' general knowledge of the poultry industry.

Event format:

The poultry contest will be patterned after the state contest with minor changes. Planned events are outlined below but are subject to change based on availability of resources.

I. Placing classes

II. Broiler parts

III. Egg grading

IV. Grading chicken patties

IV. Written exam