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University contact person:  Dr. Mark Zidon

Bubble sheet suggestions for Horse CDE

CDE Coordinator:  Danielle Roznos

Information from related Horse Events:

Contest Purpose:  To provide a competitive event for agricultural education students, empahsizing skills in horse selection and management.


  1. To promote career choices by providing an opportunity for contestants to become acquainted with professionals within the industry.
  2. To advance knowledge in selection and management of horses.
  3. To provide the opportunity to evaluate, make a decision and justify those decisions on conformation traits and performance of horses.

Event format:

A team will consist of three or four FFA students.  The top three individual scores will comprise the team score.

The contest is planned to be run similar to the state contest as outlined below.  Due to availability and resources, do not expect this event to be identical to the state event.

Cell phones will not be permitted at the event.  Talking to others during the contest will not be tolerated.  Use of cell phones or talking will result in disqualification.

Pencils, note paper and a clipboard are encouraged.

The format for the event will be:

Written exam.

The written exam will consist of 25 questions worth two points apiece.  The 50 points for the exam is equal to that of a placing class.

Selection classes.  (Suggested classes listed below are classes used in past years.  Actual classes will depend on the availability of animals.)


There will be no oral reasons.

There will be one questions class. Questions will be asked after judging the three halter classes and one performance class.  Questions will be based on any of all of the performance and halter classes.

Each of ten questions will be worth five points apiece.  This section is worth 50 points.

Dress appropriately.

This event is held in an unheated horse barn.  Students need to dress warmly.