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University contact person:  Dr. Mark Zidon

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Resources:  Link to a plant identification pictures

Contest Purpose:   To provide a competitive event for high school agriculture students, emphasizing skills in floriculture including general knowledge, plant identification and practical experience.


  1. To provide high school agriculture students with floriculture interests a practical experience that will serve them well in the industry of floriculture.
  2. To develop students' ability to identify plants.
  3. To develop students' skills in analyzing floral arrangements to determine prices.

Event format:

Floriculture includes both retailing and production of flowers, plants, and foliage.

Rules of the contest:

  1. A team shall consist of four members with the top three scores constituting the team score.
  2. The contest shall have three phases:
  1. Contestants will not be allowed to touch or handle plant materials during the contest except during the practicum.
  2. Any communication between contestants from the same team during the contest will be sufficient cause to eliminate the team from the contest.

Phase I - Identification of Plant Materials

Specimens from the "Floriculture Plant Identification List" provided on page 140 of the Floriculture section of the National FFA Career Development Events Handbook will be displayed for participants to identify by scientific and common names.  Each specimen will be designated by a number.  The participants will write the appropriate number from the "Floriculture Plant Identification List" in the space next to the specimen's number on the official score card.  Pest management and greenhouse equipment identification may also be included.

Phase II - General Knowledge

An exam will be used to test the participant's knowledge and understanding of the basic biological and scientific principles of producing and marketing flowers, plants, and foliage.  

Phase III - Practicum-team activity

Students will work in teams to prepare decorations for an FFA Banquet. They will have a list of tasks to complete which includes but is not limited to a one-sided design, boutonnière and pricing of materials. Students will have to work together to complete all tasks within the specified time. The team activity is replacing the individual design practicum at the contest.

Materials provided will include a similar pre-sorted selection of flowers and foliage appropriate for the class, a container plus oasis block foam and ribbon. Participants will be required to complete their arrangement and itemized bill within 30 minutes. Participants will be provided a cost sheet of retail prices of flowers and foliage with the markup built into the retail price of materials. Participants must bring their own design knife or scissors, wire cutters, and shears. No other materials will be allowed.  Please see the national FFA website for more information regarding judging criteria and explanation of floral arrangement terms as well as the floral arrangement practicum scorecard and floral arrangement itemized bill sheet.