Ag Technologies and Mechanical Systems

2014 Theme:  Plant Production Systems

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University contact person: Dr. Rick Bockhop

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CDE Coordinator:  Rick Bockhop

Contest Purpose:  To provide a competitive event for high school agriculture students, emphasizing knowledge and skills in agricultural mechanics.


1.     To provide high school agriculture students with agricultural mechanics interests a practical experience that will serve them well in industry positions.

2.     To develop students' skills in observation, analysis, calculation and cooperation.

3.     To provide experience to students in the areas of machinery and equipment systems, energy systems, structural systems and environmental/natural resource systems.

4.     To provide an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills of systems listed above to a specific domain or theme.

5.     To encourage high school agriculture teachers to seek assistance from various resources in agricultural mechanics and apply these in their classrooms activities.

Event format:

Plant Production Systems is theme of the 2014 event.

The following items are being considered for the Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event.  Please check back periodically to see if changes have been made.

I. Topics in each of the five areas are listed below.  

Please check back for topics (they are currently under revision)

II. Contestants will participate in any or all of the following events:

1.     Hands-On individual problem solving/skill development activity

2.     Written examination covering areas of Ag Mechanics related to Processing Systems

3.     Team problem solving activity

III. Contestants are expected to provide their own safety clothing and eye protection.

1.     Industrial quality eye protection must be worn when working in labs

2.     Arc welding helmets will be provided but students can bring their own helmet if they choose. We recommend each team bring two sets of gloves, protective clothing and welding helmets.

3.     Students should bring a calculator.


Bring eye protection (safety glasses are required), pencil, and a calculator.

We recommend each team bring two sets of gloves, protective clothing and welding helmets.