What is CERES?

CERES (pronounced "Series"): the Roman Goddess of agriculture (grains, harvest, fruit, flowers, and fertility of the Earth), represents the historical involvement in and the importance of the role of women in agriculture.

Ceres is an agricultural women’s fraternity; however, members study a variety of academic fields including Agriculture, Education, Engineering, Business, Arts, and Science

 Our Mission statement

The object of our Fraternity is to build the whole person, to effect bonds of sisterhood, and to unify Ceres as a comprehensive entity.  Ceres is committed to building qualities of leadership, to building meaningful fellowship, and to building a desire for scholastic achievement.  Our commitment to Ceres is predicated on the values and ideals descriptive of a rural environment and offers lifelong sisterhood to women with an appreciation of agriculture.  Membership in Ceres may at times require the sacrifice of time, pleasures, and comforts.

 The Five Attributes of CERES

Commitment-Represented by the "C" on the pledge pin. The first attribute our pledges are taught, is commitment. We stress commitment to CERES and our sisters.

Agriculture-Represented by the wheat stalks on the pledge pin. CERES is an agriculturally based fraternity. This is evident in our name, CERES, the roman goddess of agriculture. Even though CERES is agriculturally based, members do not need to be majoring in an agricultural field.

Leadership-Represented by the Pearls on the active pin. Leadership is certainly an attribute we could not live without. Members of CERES learn to be an inspiration as well as effective leaders.

Fellowship-Represented by the sterling silver rose on the active pin- Along with stressing commitment to our sisters, we also stress sisterhood. Sisterhood is life long, not just until you graduate from college.

Scholarship-Represented by the scroll on our active pin- It is our desire for a higher education that brought us to college, and eventually brought us together. We strive to obtain the highest GPA among Greeks every semester.

Why is CERES a Fraternity and not a Sorority?

1) Ceres is Agriculturally based since we branched out of Farmhouse. The founding sisters wanted to keep some of those ties to Farmhouse, and therefore decided to keep the Fraternal name. 

2) Webster's dictionary defines a "Fraternity"  as a group of people associated or formally organized for a common purpose, interest, or pleasure.  While sorority is defined as a woman's organization that is formed chiefly for social purposes and has a name consisting of Greek letters. CERES was not formed as a social organization.

3) There are really only six true Sororities, and the rest are Fraternities. They just don't know it.