Meeting Minutes

Minutes for September 29, 1999

1. Order called at 7:02 pm

2. Attendance sheet passed around and changes encouraged where necessary for webpage info.

3. Leftover food from picnic was finished

4. Introduction by officers

5. Dues are $5 a semester, or $10 a year and should be paid asap!

6. Icebreaker

7. The picnic last week was rated an over-all success! Lots of fun, good food and great friends.

8. Thursday, October 7, there will be a Future Trends in Biology speaker, Dr. Austin-Phillips from Madison. That will be in 140 Otts from 7-8:30 and refreshments will be provided.

9. We won't be able to participate in any homecoming activities because we missed the deadline to sign up. We are still looking into cleaning the paint off the windows after homecoming and a sign-up sheet to help was passed.

10. Volunteers are needed to help serve at the BILSA alumni reception. You will be needed from 11:15-1:30 on Saturday, October 9. A sign-up sheet was passed. FREE FOOD!!!!

11. A sign-up sheet was passed for a crime lab tour in Madison.

12. A sign-up sheet was also passed for helping to sell brats downtown. You must be at least 21 years of age.

13. There is a card in the biology club room with information about a cabin lounge on October 1 from 5:30-7:30.

14. Received via e-mail from Clarke College is that there will be a lecture on the "Heroes for Planet" from Time Magazine on Wednesday, October 13, at 7:30 pm. It is a free event, however, we do need to make reservations. E-mail bioclub if you are interested.

15. We received a Pioneer Help book about community service. If anyone is interested in paging through it, it is in the bioclub room.

16. Club broke into groups: botany/field, zoology, pre-professional, etc. Each group is to come up with ideas for fundraisers and/or events.

17. We need to elect a new PR person because Megan Disher has resigned due to too many other activities. Andrea Spreitzer and Amy Ridgely were nominated. The constitution is going to be read to see how many PR people we can have, so we will vote on a PR person at the next meeting. If you want to be nominated or nominate someone, e-mail the name to bioclub.

18. Treasurer's Report: there is currently $155.22 in the treasury, dues will be added to this amount as well as fair market value for the leftover brats from the picnic.

19. Secretary's Report: If anyone has any ideas for icebreakers, e-mail them to bioclub!

20. PR's Report: nothing

21. VP's Report: nothing

22. Webmaster's Report: nothing

23. Aaron Wunderlin would like to invite anyone to Eagle Valley Saturday for hawk trapping, etc. They will need to leave at 7:15 AM. E-mail bioclub if interested.

24. The date for the next meeting will be e-mailed to you.

25. Adjourned at 7:12 pm.