Photographs from everything we do

Fall Picnic Thursday, September 23

Smile Amy!
Dre! Jump for the football!
Renee and Emily like ice cream sandwiches.
Look at all that food, can we eat yet?
Who's hungry for brats and burgers?
We're ready for seconds.
Good joke Amy.
The four horsemen, Mike, Aaron, Wayne, and Sean.
John and Becca think Biology Club's # 1!!
Good throw Kelly!
Bump Kelly, Bump!
Hi, I'm Kelly
Kelly and Shannon, how much fun was the picnic?
Kelly ready for another awesome bump.
Nate thinks this is a real dinner.
Please Sean you're scaring us!
Shannon gives the picnic two thumbs up.
Great dive for the volleyball Shannon.
Everyone ready for a game of bioclub volleyball?
Two fearless faculty, Dr. Miller and Wayne, "Man that's good food!"
It was a great picnic, catch ya next time.

Various Pictures

Beth after a long night of work.
Dre and Elana at an officers meeting.
The Public Relations Crew
A couple blurred members at a meeting.

Plant Repotting Wednesday, December 1

Jenny, Becca, and Renee flirt with Mark the "naked" Muscle Man.
Our Christmas decorated bulletin board complete with stockings!
A close up of the Bioclub Tree.
That plant doesn't stand a chance.
Amy, Renee, Chris, Becca, Wish you were here!
A little hole in the bottom to drain excess water.
Chris and Dre, Let's take pictures while we wait.
Shannon and Elana, this club really is fun!
Here's all of us that helped out with potting!
I know what we can do with the cups -- make a pyramid!
Didn't you already eat Kelly?
Kelly with a future snake meal!
Kelly, Tara, and Elana wait for the meeting to start.
Mike and Dave, wanna know what we think?
Oni and Tara waiting for Dave to come back with the dirt.
Two more hard workers enjoying a break in the action.
This is what we did all night, repotting for a future plant sale.
What did that poor plant every do to you Sean?
Shannon and Jenny pose with Monty (our Savanna Monitor)
Kelly and Shannon checking on the mice
Shannon and Kelly smile pretty! Elana wonders what Kelly is up to with that look.
You've been a bad plant and you must be punished.
Kelly and Elana don't want to share this plant!

Fieldtrip to Brookfield Zoo in Chicago Saturday, March 4