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Minutes for October 9, 2002

1. Thanks to all of those who helped with the brat sale at Wal-Mart.

2. The camping/boat trip with Dr. Miller is this Saturday and Sunday. Have fun all who plan to attend.

3. the campus brat sale is tentatively set for Thursday, October 17 (approval has not yet been granted). Sign up in the bioclub room if you want to help. An e-mail will be sent out if it will NOT happen.

4. College bowl is Friday, November 22 from 5 to 11 pm. We want to have about 4 to five people on a biolgoy club sponsored team. You will be asked questions which your team can answer. Don't worry about answering wrong; it's just for fun. Sign up in the bioclub room if you ant to participate.

5. T-shirt ideas are needed very soon. If you have an idea but have no talent for design, the graphic design center in the Pioneer Involvement Center can create the design for us.

6. Old t-shirts are also for sale. From last year we have: 1 Medium and 1 x-large short sleeved for $10 and one x-large long sleeve for $3. There is also a small blue polo from a few years ago. Talk with Beth Frieders to purchase one.

7. Girl Scouts are coming to UWP. The day is not yet known, but the time will be from 3:45 to 4:45 pm.
Volunteers are needed for the following:
-Handling snakes
-Showing bacterial slides
-Showing plant slides
-Any other ideas
*Cookies and juice will be provided. If you are interested in helping out, the sign up sheet will be in the bioclub room.

8. A major Luau is scheduled for October 21 from 11-1. Undecided majors will be attending. Volunters are needed to promote the biology program to them. There is a sign up sheet in the bioclub room.

9. If you have any ideas for trips or any suggestions for the club e-mail the bioclub at

10. The pre-professional program is set for November 14. Tables will be set up for each professional so you can visit with who you are interested in. If you have any questions contact Amanda Trewin or Kate Schnell.

11. Thanks to all of those that helped the DNR. These activities help to put our name out there.

12. Meet the Scientist is set for October 28. High school students interested in biology and agriculture will be attending. Volunteers are need to give tours of the biology department from 11-12 in the morning. If interested, contact Beth Frieders.

13. There is a biotechnolgy seminar at 7 pm in the Beax Arts room of the Ulsvik Center.

14.Remember to pay dues. $5 for a semester and $10 for the year.

--Adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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