Meeting Minutes

Minutes for October 15, 1998

1. Called to order 6:31 pm

2. Tuesday, November 3, Prairie Ridge River Edge Nature Center Nature Conference

3. On November 14 from 9-3 we will need a few women volunteers from the bio department to talk to some seventh and eigth grade visitors.

4. Thrusday October 22 there will be a leadership training session from noon til 7. This will be held in the Beaux Arts Room. Members are encouraged to attend.

5. Just a reminder that the Bioclub room is in room 248 Gardner hall and members may use it at any time.

6. There are various job listing in the Bioclub room.

7. Reports:
VP- absent
Treas.- currently there is about $50 in the account, with about $40 to deposit
Secretary- will be updating the website with help soon
PR- nothing


8. The picnic was a success. Lots of good food, lots of people. Leftovers are in Toby's fridge, will be used at a future time.

9. The canoe trip was cancelled basically due to weather. Perhaps we will try again this spring.

10. Megan is working on t-shirt designs with a peace sign incorporated. Short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts will probably be available. She is getting info on cost.


11. We will be hosting an Agriseedis tour in November. We are looking at doing this on a Friday, a sign up sheet was passed around.

12. The plant sale will be held soon. Committee will meet after meeting.

13. Next Wednesday, October 21, there will be a speaker on Timberwolves. This will be in the Beaux Arts Room of the student center. Volunteers will hang up signs after the meeting.

14. Dr. Snyder will be in touch with Clarke College on doing a cadaver lab tour some time this fall.

15. Adjourned at 6:45 pm.