Meeting Minutes

Minutes for October 13, 1999

1. Order called at 7:01 pm.

2. Welcome by President Kelly Culhane

3. Introductions by the rest of the officers

4. Tootsie roll ice breaker

5. A card was passed around for Dr. Strohm who is on the road to recovery from a massive heart attack this past summer. If anyone who was not at the meeting would like to sign it, it will be in the bioclub room.

6. PR officer election between Andrea Spreitzer and Jordan Emerson ended as Dre being the officer to take over for Megan Disher who resigned earlier this semester.

7. Our first fundraiser will be Saturday, October 23. It will be a brat sale at the Fireside. Set up must be by nine o'clock and you must be 21 to help. A sign-up sheet was passed. If anyone would like to sign up yet, do so in the bioclub room or e-mail bioclub.

8. Thursday, October 14, fifty students from Chicago will be visiting from Chicago to learn more about P-ville and biology. There will be two 25 minute sessions, from 10- 11:15 am. Dr. Freiders needs help. If anyone can help, show up on third floor Boebel. Your time would be greatly appreciated!!! :)

9. The biology club is thinking about doing a polo shirt sale this year with UWP Biology embroidered on the front. Shannon Morgan has ordered a catalog so prices can be determined. The sale would be opened up to anyone interested.

10. It is a possibility that the club could spend a day on the new ropes course in the fieldhouse. Ten people minimum are needed for sign-up and cost for four hours is $10, for the whole day $17. If we decide to go for the whole day, Bioclub may be able to pick up some of the cost. A sign-up sheet was passed, and for those interested who weren't at the meeting, it is in the bioclub room.

VP: nothing
Secretary: nothing
PR: Looking into info about touring the Galena Winery; We are tentatively looking at touring the Prairie Du Chien Medical Museum on Saturday, October 30. A sign-up sheet is in the bioclub room for those interested.

12. Aaron Wunderlin would like to note that there is a possibility of helping out with a prairie burn this fall for those interested.

13. The BILSA alumni brunch was kind of a bummer for those who helped out. They ran out of lots of things: orange juice, milk, spaghetti-ohs, napkins, etc. Unfortunately they didn't get many thank-you's, or maybe any for that matter. Governor Tommy Thompson was present. We wish to thank those members who helped by representing us anyway!!! :)

14. Tri Beta officers are asked to please remain after the meeting.

15. Adjourned at 7:28 pm.