Meeting Minutes


Here are the minutes for 10-11-00:


1) Dave enlightened us with the info on the plant sale. Due to rather late

notice, it will be on next Friday, October 20, from 9 am til 3 pm. We will

need members to help set up from 8-9, do the sale, and clean up from 3 until it

is done. Watch e-mails for more info on that. Please sign up to participate

in the Bioclub Room, 248 Gardner, if you didn't do so at the meeting!

2) The roadside clean-up is this saturday at 9 am. Meet at the orange lobster

in front of the Fieldhouse for a ride. There is also a sign-up sheet for thsi

activity in the Bioclub room. The more, the merrier!

3) SUFAC funds are available to help us do activities we want to do by helping

us financially. In order to be eligible to receive any money, we must come up

with a budget for next year. Members broke into groups to brainstorm ideas and

next meeting we will meet to vote on the top ones.



1) The Visitor's Center is looking for enthusiastic students to go to their

alma mater high schools over Christmas break and promote Platteville to high

school students. If anyone is interested, please see info in the Bioclub room.

2) The USA Today is looking for its All-American Team. If you are chosen as

part of it, you will win $2500 and a trip to Washington D.C. They are looking

for people who excel in leadership academically and also otherwise, on and off

campus. The deadline for this scholarship is NOvember 3. See Dr. Tufte if you

have any questions.


Pres: Caving was postponed until spring due to muddiness and not so nice

weather. The picnic was an awesome success.

VP: watch for info on the plant sale!

Treas: We currently have right around $400 in our account, please pay dues ($5

a semester, $10 a year) asap!

Sec: Info on cheese and wine tours is getting closer and closer as we now have

some numbers to call

PR: nothing

Advisor: There will be a chemistry speaker on Thursday, October 9, at 4pm in

122 Otts on "Light Induced Damage to the Eye"

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 pm.

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