Meeting Minutes



Minutes for November 6, 2002

1. We voted on t-shirt designs, and decided on a polo tee with the words UWP Biology embroidered in the corner.

2. Pre-professional days are coming up on Nov. 21. Two new people signed up to help, but if anyone else wants to, they can sign up in the bioclub room.

3. If you are planning on going on the Nov. 16 trip, we need your $5 fee to reserve your spot. The plan right now is to see the Shed Aquarium, Natural History Museum, and Science and Industry Museum. Please e-mail bioclub if you plan on attending, so that we can have a confirmation list.

4 We now have enough people for the College Bowl on Nov. 15. Everyone is encouraged to attend, it will last from 5-11pm.

5. The DNR is looking for volunteers (at least 4 people)to help out with the disposal of deer remains associated with CWD.

6. Treasurer's report: Bioclub has approximately $529! We also found out that bioclub's submission for SUFAC funding was approved for the first time! Bioclub will be receiving $385 from SUFAC next year to help fund programs like the upcoming pre-professional days, meet the scientist, and the Girl Scout program.

7. After the meeting, we were able to watch Blade II, lent to us by Janelle Harper.

8. The next meeting will be Nov. 20 at 7pm in 305 Boebel. See you there.

--Adjourned at 7:30 pm.

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