Meeting Minutes


Minutes for 11-15-00

1. Called to order at 6 pm and introductions made.

2. SAB is having a winter season celebration kick off and all campus

organizations are invited to make an ornament to hang on a tree representing

the organization. Think of ideas and e-mail them to bioclub or hold on to them

until the next meeting!

3. The Jaycees have been contacted about our willingness to help put together

holiday food baskets so hopefully we will hear from them soon.

4. Career planning and placement is putting on some job-seeking workshops with

lots of info including using the internet searching, e-recruiting, resume,

references, etc. All workshops will be held in the Learning Lab of B6 in the

Karrmann library. Dates are as follows:

12-5-00 5-7 pm

12-6-00 9-10am

01-22-01 5-7pm

01-23-01 9-10am

01-24-01 9-10 am

01-25-01 3-4 pm

5. SUFAC has allotted $24 for our use- we are thankful for their generosity

and will not look a gift horse in the mouth. Hopefully more will be possible

next year.

6. The winery tour at Spurgeon Vineyard in Highland will be Saturday, December

2, at 9 am. Sign-up if you would like to go.

7. Dr. Weber has a t-shirt design but we were hoping to have more ideas. (Not

that it is not an awesome idea!!!) His idea would be to have a drawing of a

metabolic pathway and then write Any Questions? at the bottom. Krista had an

idea of making a list of the crazy wonderful things I have learned in Biology.

If you have any more ideas, or ideas to supports Krista's, e-mail them in or

bring them up at the next meeting, which is the final deadline.

8. Wednesday, December 13 will be the chili eat and games. It will be at 5:30

and will kind of be like a potluck. More info to come!

9. Adjourned at 6:15 to hang posters.

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