Meeting Minutes

Minutes for November 12, 1998

1. Brett Manderneck from the Eagle Valley Nature Preserve in Glenhaven, WI, was the guest speaker who described the 1450 acre preserve which is kept as natural as possible. They are looking for volunteers to work any of the days from November 23 through November 29 to patrol the grounds for illegal hunters.
There are four patrollers who will be directing and all volunteers will have portable radios. Food will be supplied and gas mileage may also be covered. Blaze orange will be supplied. There is also a place to spend the night. Info sheets are in the bioclub room, including phone numbers, etc. Members are encouraged to volunteer!
They are also looking for two assistants to work beginning in as early as January. Duties included are: bird counting, seed gathering, aid in environmental studies, building and ground care, prairie restoration, etc. Pay is about $6/hr. Great experience! If interested, call the number on the sheet in the bioclub room.
If anyone is interested in doing a co-op project for credits this is also plausible. An eagle roost will need to be checked on 1-2 times per week outside of Lancaster. Call for more info!

2. The Christmas Telethon is December 4-5. Volunteers are needed, a sign-up sheet will be in the bioclub room.

3. Sign-up sheet was passed around to renew our registration as a club.

4. On December 5-6 in Tomahawk, there will be a work shop on animal training. A Montana native will be running the program. More info in the bioclub room!

5. Vice President Monson has been looking into an Adopt-A-Highway project for us. However, the waiting list is huge so contact was made with county highways. Presently, there is no clean-up program for them. The DNR WAVE program iw a stream clean-up program that perhaps our club could look into.

6. The Agriseedis tour was cancelled due to lack of people (six or seven were needed). The trip may be tried again next semester if there is interest.

7. Finishing touches are being made on club t-shirts. Please sign-up for yours in the bioclub room! Short-sleeved shirts are $10. long-sleeved shirts are 15. Sales are open to anyone. The order will be put in before Thanksgiving so that we can have the shirts before Christmas break.

8. Last week, members got together for the plant potting for our plant sale. Thanks to all who helped. Lots of fun was had by all!!

9. The brat sale will be Thursday, December 3, from 9-midnight or whenever the brats run out. About six people will need to help.

10. Members are asked to fill out an evaluation of the bioclub. Forms are in the bioclub room.

11. Meeting was adjourned to an M and M icebreaker and "Medicine Man" and pizza at 7:02 pm.