Meeting Minutes

Minutes for November 10, 1999

1. Order at 7:01 PM

2. Officers hung posters before the meeting, so that is taken care of. Take a look at them sometime!

3. PR has been checking in on the winery tour. They are being difficult about us touring there, so Shannon will keep trying to set something up or we will take another trip. Kelly, our dear president, has been everywhere, so she can perhaps set something up. ;)

4. The tentative date for the Ropes Course outing is set for December 4, a Saturday. We will be calling for reservations. We will start at 8 and go until noon for sure. Those interested can stay for the afternoon as well. $10 is the cost for a half day, and seven more dollars for the rest of the afternoon. Bioclub will help pay.

5. Bioclub is ordering navy blue polo shirts that say UWP Biology on them in orange lettering. Anyone interested can order them, they needn't be Bioclub members. Cost is $15, payable to Elana Walters or Jayne in the Biology Department office BY NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Please pay asap. Sign up for yours in 248 Gardner if you didn't at the meeting. Make checks payable to Biology Club.

6. We will propagating plants in place of the next meeting on December 1. The plants will be sold in the spring for our plant sale.

7. Depending on how that sale goes, we may or may not have the plant kit sale again.

8. The tentative date for the next Bioclub picnic is Thursday, December 9. It will again be a potluck, with everyone signing up to bring something and sloppy joes will probably be provided. It will be a end of semester/pre-finals party in 305 Boebel at 5 pm. Stay tuned for more info....

9. Only about $30 was made at the brat sale. Think of other fundraisers please!!

10. The donated skin and fur made stuff can't really be sold, so we will probably end up donating it to the Grant County Humanity Services or something.

11. Adjourned at 7:15 pm.