Meeting Minutes


Here are the minutes for the meeting on November 1, 2000:

1) There will be a t-shirt designing contest for biology club. Start drawing

up your ideas and bring them to the next meeting which will be November 15 or

put your idea in the Bioclub Room. We will then vote on winners!

2) On December 2, we will be touring the Wollersheim Winery in HIghland which

is about thirty miles north of P-ville. We will be carpooling, leaving at 10

am, and the tour will last about half and hour to forty-five minutes. There

is a sign-up sheet in the Bioclub Room.

3) THere was no success in attempting to receive SUFAC funding this year.

BEtter luck next year perhaps!

4) There is a Pioneer Help book in the Bioclub Room that contains various

organizations in Platteville and the surrounding areas that could use

volunteers for various different functions. One of the current ideas is to

help the Jaycees pack holiday fruit baskets. Members are encouraged to look

through the book and give suggestions!

5) There is a Pioneer Undergrad Research Fellowship which awards seven

different people each $500 if their research project is approved. More info is

available in the Bioclub Room.

6) Volunteers are needed for the Christmas Telethon. They are especially

looking for someone to be Santa Claus. IF you are interested, e-mail We will hold a competition if necessary.

7) Wilgus Hall sponsors a Christmas party for less fortunate kids in

Platteville and if anyone wants to participate you are asked to purchase a gift

for a child that he or she would want and one that he or she would need. There

is, of course, more info on this subject in the bioclub room.

8) There are many different internship opportunities available at Walt Disney

World. You can earn up to 12 credits and also receive a stipend and room

provided. Biology members in the past have really enjoyed this experience.

For more info or web sites to visit, check the bioclub room.

9) If you would like to visit your home school over semester break, the

VIsitor's Center would love to have you do so! They need to know by November

10 so they can prepare you adequately. Info in bioclub room!

10) USA Today is looking for their All-America Team! They want you if you are

a leader on and off campus. Deadline is November 30.

11) Keep paying dues! Brad is happy! :)

12) Nexty meeting will be November 15 at six pm.

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