Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from the last Bioclub meeting on May 4, 1999.

1. Order called at 8:03 pm.

2. Watershed info

3. Madison Zoo info

4. Reports:
VP: river survey went well, we will keep in touch with Trouts Unlimited.
Sec: absent
Treas: $229.34

5. Flower kit sale: sold half of them, made $160! Thanks to all who helped,and especially to Elana for her idea and hard work!

6. Camping trip: huge success, garlic mustard rocks...

7. Tri Beta Banquet went well.

8. S-Day: sold a few more plants.

9. Chicago: had a good time, members would have liked a little more time at the museum.

10. The picnic at Wayne's is May 7, leaving at 5:45 by the Orange Lobster.

11. Sending a thank-you to Pat Leacock at the Field Museum.

12. Question was asked for biology classes, "why are you not coming tobioclub?"

13. Summer addresses were collected for Bioclub to possibly get together thissummer.

14. Round 2 of garlic mustard, steaks for pay.

15. Wundo thanks officers and members for a good year.

16. Club picture

17. Adjourned at 8:30 pm.