Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March 2, 1999

1. Called to order by Mr. VP at 8:08 pm.

2. The date for the camping trip has been set for April 23-4. if anyone has any suggestions on where to go, please e-mail them to bioclub!

3. The date was also set for our BIG trip to Chicago for April 10-11.

4. The Robigalia festival in honor of a Greek god of plant diseases will be held on Saturday, April 17 at Dr. Freider's house. More info to come!

5. Shannon Morgan has volunteered to go and be our representative at the Earth Day brainstorm meeting at 7 pm in the Crawford Room of the Ullsvik Center. She will bring info back to us. Thanks, Shannon!

6. Chris Carnes has resigned as treasurer due to her overwhelming responsiblities elsewhere. Kelly Culhane will be the new treasurer. Thanks for all your time, Chris!

7. April 27 is the Tri Beta Banquet (biological honor society). Info will be coming out through the mail soon.

8. Reports:
President: as follows
VP: nothing
Secretary: will put up the headings above the bulletin boards soon.
PR: it is not possible to get anyone from the Madison zoo to come here and talk to us, but they are more than willing to take us on a behind the scenes tour like they did last year.

9. Informational posters were hung after last meeting's regular business. Thanks to all who stayed and helped.

10. It has been unanimously decided to save the money that was made from the plant sale and put it toward our spring trips instead of having a pizza party.

11. BIG Project regulations: padi member, actively involved in the club, involved in fundraising, and good meeting attendance.


12. The brat sale fundraiser will hopefully be one of th upcoming Thursdays. We sell from 9-1 or 2 or until they are gone. Members will need to volunteer to help. Check your e-mail as the date will be sent out.

13. Additions, questions, and comments were called for.

14. The cadaver lab tour will be March 24, a Wednesday. The vans will leave around 1 or 2. Members who signed up will be getting specific times in a future e-mail.

15. Next meeting: Tuesday, March 23.

16. Adjourned at 8:40 pm.