Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March 23, 1999

1. Meeting called to order at 8:07 pm.

2. Two members of the Platteville EMS -- Colleen and Patty -- came to talk about their careers at 7:30 pm.

3. If anyone is interested in the Beta Beta Beta National Honor Society please pick up a form from a professor or in the Biology Club room.

4. Reports:
Pres.- hasn't arrived yet
VP- as follows
Treas.- nothing
Secretary- nothing
PR- nothing

Hope everyone had a great spring break!

5. The Ag department is setting up the high school ag/science tests this year.

If anyone is able to help, come to third floor Boebel at 8 pm Thursday, March 25.

6. The Madison Cadaver Lab tour is Wednesday, March 24. Rides are leaving at one and the tentative return time will be 9 pm.

7. May 1 is the date for the Chicago trip. A sign-up sheet was passed.

8. Camping is set for April 23-4. A sign-up sheet for that was also passed. Three possibilities for campgrounds that are being considered include: Mequoketa Caves, Governor Dodge, and Wyalusing. The committee will look further into these possibilities.

9. More info is pending on the brat sale.

10. We need more fundraisers so we can afford our Chicago trip. Some possible fundraisers that were suggested include: sponsored clean-up, carwash, brat sale elsewhere than second street, and yard raking. If anyone has any ideas, e-mail them to bioclub!

11. Before the last meeting we had a speaker from career planning and placement and she had the incorrect catalog with her. The correct catalog will be in the Bioclub Room for those interested.

12. As a club we are invited to participate in the Earth Day. Some of the actitivies sponsored by some of the other clubs on campus include: campus campout, treeplanting, campus cleanup, and t-shirt sale. A possibility for our club could be selling seeds and soils and pots. If anyone has any other ideas, please e-mail them to bioclub.

13. There is a $1000 scholarship from Trout Unlimited if anyone is interested. The deadline is April 2. Attention Field Bio Majors! More info in Bioclub Room.

14. On Thursday, March 25, there will be a speaker on bee colonies. It begins at 7 pm and refreshments will be served.

15. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.