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Minutes for March 13, 2002

-Snickers were given for those wearing their Biology and Platteville clothes!

1. There will be a sign in at every meeting in order to keep good records - Don't forget to sign in!

2. Sign up to be on the plant sale committee. We will plant seedlings this semester and have the sale next semester. Sign up next meeting or in the Bioclub room.

3. Milwaukee trip this Saturday for all signed up. Meet at 7:30am outside Ullsvik. Bring money for lunch and $4.50 if planning to visit the domes. Will return to campus about 9pm. Have fun!!

4. Devils lake trip is set for Saturday, April 3. Will meet at 9 or 9:30am and return around 8pm. Own lunches and money for dinner should be brought. Trip includes hiking and picnicking. Cost to go will be around $5-8 depending on amount of people interested.
-Are you UWP van certified or could you drive your own car(you will be paid for gas)? Sign up at next meeting or in the Bioclub room.

5. Brat sale outside of Boebel on Wednesday, April 10 from 10am-2pm. Sign up in Bioclub room if interested in helping out.

6. Cadaver Lab trip on Friday, April 19. Leave at 1:30. Bring money for dinner after.

7. Real World Biology going on Wednesday, April 10 from 6pm-8pm in the Beaux Arts room in the Ullsvik Center. Great way to learn about professions you are interested in. Some of those coming: forestry, fishery, Peace Corps officer, high school teacher, Covance employee, DNR, Madison Crime Lab, and a veterinarian.

8. Nominations for Bioclub Officers are now being taken. E-mail nominations to the Bioclub at We will vote for the new officers at the April 17 meeting.

9. Bioclub picnic and senior sendoff on May 1 at 5:30pm. Will be held at the driving range behind Pickard. More information will be given at next meeting.

10. T-shirts will be handed out at next meeting - April 3. We have ordered 6 extras. These can be bought on a first come, first serve basis.

11. There are 2 DNR Wildlife management internships available. Talk to Professor Kris Wright (254 Gardner, 342-1689) for more information.

12. The Ornithology class is taking a trip to Baraboo to the International Crane Foundation on April 20. Leaving at 8am, cost is $5.50 per student. If interested in going, talk to Dr. Duewer (256 Gardner, 342-1684).

13. Pamphlets up around campus for the Athletic Training Program. Great for Biology majors and looks good on resumes. Get to work with people, work in rehab, and diagnose injuries!

14. Tribeta induction ceremony on April 23 in the Touche Room of the Ullsvik Center. Social from 5:30 to 6pm with dinner and speaker to follow. Letters have been sent to all declared Biology majors. If you didn't receive one, or know a friend interested in Biology that wants to join, contact Beth Frieders (259 Gardner, 342-1683) for more information.

NEXT MEETING!! -Get your t-shirts -Nominate someone for an officer position -Sign up for committees and trips -Wear your Bioclub and Platteville clothes and get some candy--maybe!!?!

--Adjourned at 6:35 pm.

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