Meeting Minutes

Minutes for January 26, 1999

1. Called to order at 8:00 pm.

2. There will be a Wetlands Bird Symposium an February 26-7. There is more information available in the BioClub room.

3. There is a leadership conference open to members in the Ullsvik Center on Wednesday, January 27 from 6-9 pm. If you want to go, show up!

4. There is a student co-op position open through Jerry's Flowers. Two student positions are available. Every biology professor has information; there is also info in the Bioclub room.

5. A pizza-eating contest will be held during halftime of the women's basketball game on Monday, February 8. See more info in the Bioclub room. Wayne Weber is the unanimous favorite of the Bioclub so far. We would all love to cheer him on to VICTORY!!!!

6. The plant sale will be held on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. On Wednesday the sale will be held in the Ullsvik Center from 10-3 pm. On Thursday the sale will be held in Boebel from 10-3 pm and in Glenview from 4:30-6 pm. A sign-up sheet was passed around and will be posted in the Bioclub room. All members are encouraged to participate even an hour of their time! Thanks!

7. Introductions were made and it was great to see some new faces! V.P. Toby was especially pleased.

8. The next meeting will be next Tuesday at 8 pm. Loose ends on the plant sale will be tied up.

9. Meeting adjourned to plant sale prep at 8:10 pm.

10. Thanks to all members who stuck around to help!!