Meeting Minutes

Minutes for January 26, 2000

1. Order called at 7:00 pm.

2. A new couch was donated to the Bioclub from a nice lady. It is currently being housed in 255 Gardner. Just a note to all that the Bioclub room in 248 Gardner is open to anyone!

3. The fleeces that were donated to Bioclub have been transferred to Family Advocates of Platteville.

4. A simple Starburst icebreaker was completed.

5. The Bioclub Plant sale will be February 23, a Wednesday. There will be a sign-up sheet for one hour slots as the date gets closer.

6. If anyone knows of a cheese factory nearby that we would be able to tour, please let Bioclub know! Otherwise, we will try and get some information so we can possibly tour one this semester.

7. We are hoping to do a behind the scenes tour of the Henry Vilas Park Zoo this semester as well... hopefully soon before it is warm.

8. Other tours we are trying to plan for this semester include a Crime Lab Tour and a Cadaver tour. Wayne will be helping us get some contacts.

9. Ideas were contrived for another Trends in biology seminar- including animal breeding, cloning, and bacteriology.

10. Officer Reports:
Treas-Dues are $5, please pay asap
PR-Dre put together a new bulletin board, THANKS! GOOD JOB!

11. Saturday, March 25, Girl Scouts and Brownies may come and there will be five sessions about an hour each for us to give presentations on. We will need volunteers if we will do this.

12. Idea was suggested to tour the Pioneer Prairie Farm.

13. Adjourned at 7:26.