Meeting Minutes

Minutes for January 21, 1999

1. Presidents's Report: names and e-mails on roster sheet, ask faculty for more info on a greenhouse internship with Jerry's Flowers.

2. Vice President's Report: nothing

3. Secretary's Report: right before semester break, the web page was updated. The member list was not updated, it will be soon.

4. P.R. Report: nothing

5. Treasurer's Report: we have about $116 dollars in our account, please pay your five dollar dues for this semester asap!


6. We are planning on doing two plant sales thi year, in the Ullsvik Center and Boebel, and perhaps Glenview, too. Next week we will look at the plants planted last year. The sale is tentatively set for two weeks from now on a Wednesday or Thursday;. A sign-up sheet was passed around. Helpers will be needed from 10-3 each day.

7. One day perhaps in March we will be working with the friends of the Roundtree Branch and Adopt-a-Stream cleaning up and helping out. Eventually we are looking at adopting a trail, too. Mr. VP has put our name on the list for Adopt-A-Highway, but the wait could be a long time.


8. For a trial period, biology club meetings will be held on Tuesday nights at 8 pm.

9. Our next meeting for the plant sale (entire club please attend) will be next Tuesday, January 26, at 8 pm.

10. We are again planning a club camping trip, but not the same as last year. We will possibly go to Iowa caving, Devil's Lake, Governor Dodge, or maybe Mirror Lake.

11. If anyone has ideas for events, programs, projects, speakers, tours or any comments, please e-mail bioclub or leave a note in the bioclub room!

12. A spring picnic or bonfire is one of the tentative plans for an activity. We may do this at Dr. WEber's farm!

13. Let's get more members! Bring friends and recruit. We will try to increase publicity at the plant sale.

14. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.

15. Reminder: We may meet to go to a movie together soon! Watch your e-mail for an update!