Meeting Minutes

Minutes for February 23, 2000

1. The plant sale was a success! Over 3/4 of the plants were sold and $189 was raised. Thanks to all who helped, especially Dave for all his time! :)

2. There was a discussion on whether or not to hold the plant kit sale in April. It will be discussed further in the future.

3. Tri Beta forms should be turned in by March 8, 2000.

4. Members were encouraged to stick around and help hang up more posters. Thanks to all who helped.

5. Diana Rahmlow made a request to the Bioclub to do presentations for environmental students in Brodhead. We are seeking out more information before a commitment will be made.

6. The UW-Madison Zoology club will be touring the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago on Saturday, March 4. $15 covers bus ride and zoo ticket. The bus leaves Madison at 7 am and will return at 7 pm. Interested members should talk to Dr. Weber asap.

7. There sill be a biology seminar on the history of the Rountree Branch put on by Dr. CAnney on Thursday, March 2.

8. Amy Burki, an alumni of UW-P, is working in a pharmaceutical lab and is willing to come this spring to share her experiences with the bioclub. A date has not yet been set.

9. If anyone is willing to help set up a website on internships, please e-mail bioclub.

10. Adjourned at 7:15 pm.