Meeting Minutes

Minutes for February 16, 1999

1. Called to order at 8:01 pm

2. As this week's "speaker," a fifteen minute video borrowed from the reclamation club was viewed titled "Soft Paths." It was an interesting video on camping ethics. The Rec Club is possibly looking to do a workshop on this and there will be more info coming for interested members.


3. President: The CJ Club is having a volleyball tournament as a fundraiser. There will be more info coming for interested members. There is lots of info on schools, summer fellowships, summer school, co-ops, etc. on the table in the Bio Club Room. Stop by and check it out! There will be a Wellness Fair on Wednesday, April 21. Clubs are invited to cover one of the six areas being expressed. Unfortunately, all members present have class during the Fair (11-2 pm) so the idea was permanently tabled.
VP:Nothing new at this time
Secretary: Went over last meeting's main topics. The Spring '99 Directory was also sent around for corretions to be made. Print offs will be available at the mest meeting.
Treasurer: After making over #200 in the plant sale, we currently have $361.84.
PR: An e-mail was sent to the Raptor Center about making a speaker come.


4. Thanks to all who helped out with the plant sale. Because of all the money that was raised, we will be able to have a pizza party at a meeting in the near future.

5. After the business portion of this meeting, members are asked to stay afterwards and help take down old posters and hang the new ones.


6. Committee formation:
Social (headed by Mr. VP): Elana, Becca, and Dave
Records (headed by Md. Secretary): Amy, Meg, and Sarah

7. Kelly and Amy have been doing a lot of work getting the Pre-professional Club going again. (Dr. Snyder is the advisor.) The first Wednesday after spring break they will be taking a trip to the Anatomy Demonstration Lab in Madison. They plan on leaving at about one or two and touring at 4:15pm. The tour will last about an hour and then there will be dinner and alumni present. A sign-up sheet was passed. E-mail Amy at "ridgely" with your questions. Everyone is encouraged to come, even if not pre-med!

8. Dr.'s Weber and Frieders have been doing some thinking about our BIG PROJECT. Some ideas that have arisen include a Selected Regional Study in Costa Rica next spring break (cost of #1000-1500) or Colorado Rockies trip. This semester perhaps a shorter trip could be taken to Minneapolis or Chicago. Members are encouraged to brainstorm on trip ideas and also fundraising ideas. Some of the ideas discussed included: t-shirt sales for the whole bio department and brat sales. If you have any ideas, e-mail them to the bioclub.

9. Next meeting will be March 2 at 7:30 pm. The speaker will talk on career planning and placement. Bring your friends!

10. There is a scholarship for those in the wildlife career. Deadline is March 22. Info in Bioclub Room.

11. On Monday March 1, at 7 pm. the Bio Dept. is hosting a seminar on biomedical and animal ethics. It will be held in the M Rooms of the Ullsvik Center. There will be two speakers, each talking about half and hour and a panel discussion will follow.

12. A Pigeon Lake speaker will be coming down for a talk on a Friday afternoon in April. More information to come.

13. Dr. Tandon made a appearance, giving the members a thumbs up!

14. Earth Day is April 22 and Eric Norland is organizing some fun things for clubs to get involved. Toby will bring more info.

15. Meeting adjourned at 8:49 pm.