Meeting Minutes

Minutes for December 3, 1998

1. Called to order at 6:32 pm.

2. There is a Wetlands Bird Symposium in the end of February.

3. Vice President's Report: Toby attended the Rountree Branch meeting, they cleared the trail on Halloween. He is looking into a stream clean-up of the Rountree Branch, Snowden, and/or French Creek for this spring. Dr. Caney would like to help us. Trout Unlimited funds materials to do surveys on streams. The DNR WAV program also does studies and clean-ups.

4. Secretary's Report: The Webpage will be updated soon, Mike Kohnle will be helping me.

5. Treasurer's Report: Currently we have $577.30, but that willbe dwindling once t-shirts are paid for.

6. PR Report: Nothing.


7. We had a speaker last meeting from Eagle Valley who has two positions open and an independent study available. Contact President Aaron is interested.

8. T-shirts should be in about December 10, read more about in new business.

9. The brat sale was postponed.


10. A chili(yes, Duffy's infamous chili!) cook is planned for next Thursday, at 6 pm. It will be in Boebel, room 307. You will be able to pick up your t-shirts then.

11. Ideas for next semester activities: vist Shed Aquarium in Chicago, field museum in Chicago, trip to Madison grad school, visit the Milwaukee County Museum, zoo trip/tour, and camping/canoeing.

12. Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm.