Rounded Rectangle: University of Wisconsin Platteville

What sets us apart from the other fraternities on campus?

 We are a service fraternity, not a social fraternity, which means we are a community service organization at heart. 


 We are co-ed.


 We don't have a house.


 We have very low membership dues (partially due to the fact we don't have a house)


 We are Nationally affiated with the Boy Scouts of America (we are the only fraternity listed in the Boy Scout Handbook)


 We are not a part of Inter-Fraternity council, or United Greek Council on campus.


 If we were a Greek Organization, we would be the largest by any standard: Number of active chapters (360), number of student members (17,000), total number of members who have joined (350,000).



Unlike a service club, you do have to pledge to join, and there is an initiation. When you become a pledge and eventually a member, you will have a membership pin to wear proudly, and you will have the opportunity to attend our section, region and national conferences.

If you want to learn more about how to join, Click Here





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