Welcome to the University of Wisconsin - Platteville ASA-SWCS Agronomy Club website!

The Agronomy/Soil and Water Conservation Club is for students of all majors with an interests in the agronomic sciences (Crops, Soils, and Agronomy) and agricultural sustainability through proper management of soil and water resources. The club meets at least once each month during the school year. The club represents student chapters of two International Professional Organizations: 1) The Students of Agronomy, Soils, and Environmental Sciences (SASES) and 2) The Soil and Water Conservation Society. The club helps coordinate the FFA Agronomic Skills Contest, The World Forage Management Cup, and the UW-Platteville Land Judging Contests for high school students, and educational and social activities for its members. The club also proudly supports the Collegiate Crops and Soils Teams.

For information on the Crops and Soils teams, please see the links to the left.

Any questions or would like more information about Soil and Crop Science Program, click on one of our Advisors names to be redirected to their homepage for contact information.