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UW-Platteville Education Abroad has helped more than 12,500 students study abroad from more than 250 institutions nationwide since 1979. 

Our mission is to prepare global citizens by promoting global engagement, internationalize the university, and provide educational experiences that lead to learning and reflection in an international context to students from across the United States.

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Education Abroad photo contest winners

Congratulations to this year's Education Abroad Photo Contest winners! The office would like to thank all who participated and give a special shout-out to those photos that caught the attention of everyone during International Education Week!

Landscape- Abbey mastera 

Merewether Beach in Newcastle, Australia 







Architecture- Brianna Schultz

The photo is of a Birkenau death camp bathroom. The Nazi party sent Auschwitz labor camp prisoners down the road to build this entire death camp. There would be no privacy while using these toilets which were espescially frequently used due to improper nourishment. Thousands of prisoners passed away due to lack of hygienic maintenance. However, prisoners say this "restroom" was the best place to work because the Nazi soldiers would not enter the facility due to smell. The structure, though impressive for materials available, was unforgiving in Eastern European winters. 










People and culture-  preston Pape

Street art in Australia

Pioneer Pete- Sera Vosberg

Pioneer Pete in Bangkok, Thailand


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