Early Childhood – Adolescence (B-21)

In this category, licensure spans all ages from birth to 21 for special fields such as foreign language, music, art, physical education, technology education, and agriculture education. Students complete the general education, teaching courses and the required major/minor requirements of the desired content licensure field.

  • Agriculture education major
  • Agriculture education and technology education dual major
  • Art education major
  • French minor
  • German major and minor
  • Music major – instrumental, general, and/or vocal
  • Physical education major with health minor (adaptive physical education and athletic coaching are areas of licensure and part of this major)
  • Spanish major and minor
  • Special education/inclusion minor, adaptive education licensure (age range of certification matches regular ed licensure)
  • Technology education major
  • TESOL/Teaching English as second or other language minor (age range of certification matches regular ed licensure)
  • Theater major and minor

Below is a list of general education and teaching courses required for these majors but please refer to each specific deptartment for a comprehensive list for that major and/or minor.

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