Middle Childhood - Early Adolescence - STEM (ages 6-12/13)

The curriculum in the middle childhood through early adolescence education program is designed to develop resourceful, creative, and competent teachers to work with children in primary through middle level educational settings. In this innovative program, which integrates theory and practice with integrated learning design and project based learning, graduates will meet the requirements for teaching grades 1 – 8, with licensure in middle childhood – early adolescence education (MC-EA) for the state of Wisconsin.  All graduates of the MC-EA program will graduate with a minor in an approved area of study.  Graduates of this program are employed as elementary or middle-level educators in grades 1-8.

Thirty credits of Professional Education classes provide a foundation and context for teaching. Courses like: Introduction to Education, Ed Media Theory, Human Growth and Development, Ethnic Gender & Equity, Ed Media Applications, and Introduction to Inclusion give candidates a perspective on teaching from the vantage point of an educator.  These courses are taken with all other education candidates. 

Twenty-five credits of Elementary Education classes help meet licensure requirements for the grade 1-5 age range and also gives the candidate the teaching methods and strategies needed for the classroom.  Hands-on practicum experiences are built into coursework for candidates in their junior and senior year. Candidates are out in the elementary schools with teachers, students and university supervisors all morning and come back to campus for all classes in the afternoon and evenings.  These courses are taken with those who are pursuing their EC-MC teaching license. 

Thirty credits in teaching middle level children provides the 5th through 8th grade content, methods, strategies and practicum experiences.   

The culminating experience is a semester long, 18-week placement where you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your teaching skills in two different grade level placements.  You will also complete and pass your Educational Teacher Performance Assessment to prove that you are ready to be licensed for your first teaching job.

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