UWP women's center offers services to campus and community

October 11, 2005

PLATTEVILLE--The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Patricia A. Doyle Women's Center welcomed the 2005-06 year by hosting an open house on Sept. 21. Students, faculty and staff were treated to food and fun as they mingled and learned more about the resources of the women's center.

Though many of the guests had visited the center before, some were new to the experience and impressed at the inviting surroundings.

"This is an awesome place. I learned from Pat about a great number of resources available here, and not just for women. I will definitely come back," said John Tembei, UWP professor of animal science. Patricia Foster is the director of the women's center.

The women's center offers programming on many issues of interest to women and men, including health, career, and relationships and women's history. It houses books, magazines, journals and videos, publications lists and information about women's services, both locally and nationally. The center often works with other departments, including planning joint programs with Student Housing, Health Services, the Multicultural Educational Resource Center (MERC) and Women in Engineering, as well as with key organizations in the larger community.

In addition to enjoying the planned programming, many guests said they have used the center as a place to relax and take a few moments to escape the sometimes stressful pace of academic life.

"It is a great resource center, and a quiet place to study," said Heather Fishler, a UWP sophomore majoring in communication with a graphic design emphasis.

"I have seen a lot of students who work with me come in here to unwind. It's a great place to relax, and I'm glad we have this resource for students," said Mary Larson, manager of the UWP Textbook Center.

"I like the fact that it's quiet - a nice, soothing place to be," said Rea Kirk, professor of education.

Dixie Clifton, who coordinates services for sexual assault victims at Family Advocates in Platteville, said she is also grateful for the services of the women's center.

"I think it's very important that the women's center is open to the community. It provides a safe environment for women to find information about important issues in their lives. It's a very inviting atmosphere," she said.

As a special treat, Foster invited three musicians, all UWP professors of music, to volunteer their services during the event: Joseph Caploe, on keyboard; Michael Lewis, on trombone; and David Cooper, on trumpet.

"Obviously, we're very grateful to them," said Foster.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Women's Center may call Foster at (608) 342-1453 or visit the website at www.uwplatt.edu/womenssctr.

Contact: Patricia Foster, director, UWP Patricia A. Doyle Women's Center, (608) 342-1453, fosterp@uwplatt.edu

Prepared By: Evelyn Martens, UWP Public Relations, (608) 342-1194, martense@uwplatt.edu


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